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tobias meets a stranger

who was it i met last evening?
i should remember

the air was cold
the sky blue in the centre
orange at the edge

or was it damp?
it must have been outside we met

i remember

he walked at the edge of the sidewalk
close to the trees
he carried a geranium



doubting tobias

so these are the steps, tobias remarked
from need to wanting
wanting to having
dream to reality
wish to fact
and here, the crux
can we accept the loss entailed

he dealt his hand
he often played alone
it isn’t just autonomy you lose, he said
but hope
the immortality of inaction
it will be
who are we today, my friend
where are we today


tobias returns

tobias climbs the steps
some say he built them
robbed older palaces, robbed temples

his shadows follow
some say those shadows own him
he traded
for coloured words and a child’s trinkets

tobias stops, he bows
we exiled him
with gifts he has come back


tobias, wednesday

the clocks had stopped
their loving
healing hands were locked
the air was still

she thought a causal link had snapped
some spring gone dry

horror, sorrow, anger
the mechanisms breathed

she cried, laughed
kissed the little hands
and faded
as tobias shook